Introduction and Acknowledgments

*WEBMASTER NOTE - As Mr. Wampler is no longer with Vermeer Manufacturing his contact information as originally published is no longer current.  For current contact information, please see the Contact Us section.

David Wampler, Product Specialists, Trenchless
Vermeer Manufacturing Company
P.O. Box 388, Plant 6
2469 Highway 102
Pella, IA 50219
Telephone (515) 621-7855

The main purpose of this handbook is twofold and directed toward two distinct groups - environmental engineers and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors.

First, it is hoped that the environmental engineers who read this handbook will have a better understanding of what HDD is and how it works. HDD is a proven technology that offers many advantages over other methods of remediation.

For HDD contractors, this handbook is intended to make you aware of another potential market for your services. Although it is not an in-depth study of environmental remediation, this handbook provides basic information to get you started in this exciting new field.

Whether you're a driller or an engineer, hopefully the information offered here will help further your understanding of horizontal directional drilling and environmental remediation.


Special Thanks to James M. Doesburg, President, and Michael D. Lubrecht, Senior Geologist, Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc., for their technical contributions to this handbook.

Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc.
Des Moines, WA 98198
Tel. (800) 239-5950

With grateful acknowledgment to Milovan Beijin, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, for his glossary contributions.

This handbook is dedicated to Frank Cannon and Mark Van Houwelingen for the countless hours and literally hundreds of thousands of miles they have traveled to advance the entire horizontal directional drilling industry.

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